Alan Terence Robertson

Date Of Birth

30th March 1978


Art Enthusiast


I am currently a serving member of Northamptonshire Police Force, at the rank of police constable (P.C).


I am also a serving member of the Territorial Army, E Company, 7 Rifles, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (Formerly, the ROYAL GREEN JACKETS) at the rank of Corporal, and my current role is as company P.T.I and part of the recruit training team.


I have recently become a member of staff for BMF, British Military Fitness, a fantastic company offering exciting and challenging outdoors fitness training to the public run by serving or ex-serving military personnel.


GNVQ Intermediate in Art and Design. (South Downs College, Havant, Hampshire)


GNVQ Advanced in Art and Design. (South Downs College, Havant, Hampshire)


HND Illustration and Graphic Design. (Northbrook College, Goring-By-Sea, West Sussex)


Physical Training Instructor. (T.A)


Drawing, painting and photography.


The T.A.


Keeping fit. Running, cycling, snowboarding, etc.


I also study Judo.


I am always keen to get involved in charity work.


Watching and collecting cheesy and badly filmed and acted zombie movies. The dead shall rise again!


I am a big movie fan, and boast a collection of well over 400 DVD'S, and rising rapidly.


I also have an extensive collection of CD'S, as I often find music both inspiring and relaxing to work with.


I have also spent many years, (and money) collecting as much as I can to do with the most amazing band the world has ever seen, QUEEN, and Freddie Mercury.

I am also pretty much up for anything, and would like to say I will give anything a go!?! So is that a challenge I hear you say? We will see.

Favourite Films

My all time favourite has always been the Alien series, in particular the second film Aliens.


Of course Star Wars is up there with my favourites, and has been a huge inspiration to me from a very young age. Thank you George.




The Lord Of The Rings trilogy was just such an amazing set of films that it has to be up there with the best.


Sean of the Dead. One of the funniest films ever, and of course a zombie classic.


Hot Fuzz. Just another very funny and damn good film by Simon Pegg.


Hellraiser. I have managed to get my hands on all eight of these amazing, weird and sometimes disturbing films. Very inspirational and fun to watch.


Other films I love include Gremlins, Soldier, Disrtict 13, Predator, Sleepy Hollow, most Werewolf films, especially American Werewolf In London, The Others, to name a few.

Favourite Artists

Vincent Van Gogh. Although his work is somewhat unusual, I just love it, and have read many books on his work.


H. R. Giger. I have not come across an artist who has inspired me more than he has. Of course Giger is also the genius responsible for the designs of the zenomorphs in the Alien films. I cannot deny ever being influenced by his work when creating my own.


Salvador Dali. I have always enjoyed Dali's surreal world, and sheer quality of work. If they could do trips into people's minds, then I would definetely get a ticket into his.


Luis Royo. The female body is that of ultimate beauty, and infinate inspiration for art work. I have always wanted to do work that captures the female form perfectly, and I think that Royo does this to an amazing level.


Other favourites are Turner, Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Brian Froud, Alan Lee, Banksy and Jim Burns.